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Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance Videos

Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance Videos

Product Overview

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Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance is a nematicide/insecticide/fungicide seed treatment that offers triple protection against nematodes, insects and diseases, as well as enhanced root health. Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance protects the seed and a grower’s purchase investment, helping seeds realize their full genetic yield potential for optimal return on investment.

Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance is available in three different versions with varying levels of the insecticide component: Avicta Complete Corn 250 (0.25 mg a.i./seed of thiamethoxam), Avicta Complete Corn 500 (0.50 mg a.i./seed of thiamethoxam) and Avicta Complete Corn 1250 (1.25 mg a.i./seed of thiamethoxam).


Product Highlights

  • Vibrance InfographicDelivers protection against a wide spectrum of damaging nematode species, including lesion, sting, root-knot and lance
  • Protects corn from insect pests, including black cutworm, wireworm and seedcorn maggot
  • Provides the best seed treatment fungicide option on the market for protection against diseases such as Fusarium and Pythium and best-in-class Rhizoctonia protection
  • Avicta Complete Corn 1250 offers added insect protection against corn rootworm and billbug, and is a key component in an effective integrated corn rootworm management program


  • Offers combination of a nematicide, insecticide and fungicides, for instant early-season pest protection and optimal yield and profit potential
  • Protects the value of genetics and traits
  • Increases plant stand, uniformity and vigor, and improves yield potential
  • Safeguards corn seedlings during critical early stages of growth, when plants are most vulnerable; offering protection for an unpredictable seedling environment
  • Enhances root health by protecting root hairs, which improves the plant’s ability to absorb water, intake nutrients and manage stress



“I think the biggest benefit of planting Avicta Complete Corn is the higher yield at the end of the year. It really protects the roots as they are growing, especially early in the season, and it allows the plants to establish and perform better in those critical early growing stages.” - Nathan Baker, Pioneer, Ohio

“One of the main things we have noticed from using Avicta Complete Corn is a higher percentage stand of planted kernels. We have noticed that our roots are definitely much healthier because of it.” - Rye Randolph, Canton, Illinois

Download Supporting Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance Documents

2015885201558161214_ACC-AI-Technical-Booklet.jpg PDF
Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance A.I. Technical Booklet(PDF)
2015563201558161540_Avicta-Complete-Brochure.jpg PDF
Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance Image Brochure(PDF)
2015514201542815505_Vibrance-Sell-Sheet.jpg PDF
Vibrance Sell Sheet(PDF)
201526420157215324_Competitive-Comparison.jpg PDF
Avicta Complete Corn with Vibrance vs. Poncho/Votivo Sell Sheet(PDF)
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