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Gramoxone® SL 2.0: Provides effective broad‐spectrum burndown weed control


Agri-Flex®: Protects against the three most damaging pests of citrus foliage and fruit

Agri-Mek® SC: Sets the industry standard for mite control

Voliam Flexi®: Provides excellent residual control


Graduate A+®: Controls resistant molds and decay

Quadris Top®: Serves as an industry-leading disease control option

Ridomil Gold® SL: Provides unsurpassed protection for soil-borne diseases


Citrus and Syngenta Resources

Minecto Pro Citrus
Minecto Pro® Insecticide

Controls a wide range of lepidopteran pests as well as difficult-to-control sucking insects in citrus.

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Citrus Greening
Citrus Greening

Learn about ways to fight citrus greening and the vector that spreads it.

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Know More, Grow More
Know More, Grow More

Receive the latest agronomic insights to maximize your fields’ potential.

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Syngenta Ag Scholarship
Syngenta Agricultural Scholarship

Read about last year's winners and learn more about how Syngenta invests in the future of ag.

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Committed to Your Success

The Good Growth Plan is a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to helping improve the sustainability of agriculture.

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, Zach Langford and Morgan McKenna, both Syngenta sales reps; Cody Hoffman, CPS sales rep; and Matt Yeomans, harvesting supervisor at A. Duda and Sons, Inc.

The Citrus Scouting Internship Program Helps Launch Ag Careers

A Syngenta internship program has proved to be an important stepping stone for college students and a source of important information for growers.

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In Labelle, Florida, Morgan McKenna (right), Syngenta sales rep, checks an orange for citrus rust mites, while Zach Langford (left), Syngenta sales rep, records the data using Land.db farm-management softwar

Citrus Scouting Interns Generate Valuable Reports for Growers

Land.db proves a valuable and versatile tool for citrus scouting interns to report their findings.

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A production crew from Discover Education films a live virtual field trip at the Syngenta Innovation Center and Advanced Crop Lab in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Students Explore Ag Careers While on a Virtual Field Trip

A livestreamed broadcast educates students about career opportunities in ag, including those occupations in settings other than the farm.

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